quina band

Quina are
Rian | Abie | Meita| Wipo


Terbentuk dari awal tahun 2009, Quina diangkat dari kata Queen yang artinya ratu yang identik dengan lagu-lagu kami yang dibawakan oleh vokalis perempuan.
Dengan satu niat yang sama akan keberhasilan dalam industri musik nasional maupun internasional maka terbentuklah QUINA. Musik POP yang kami suguhkan dengan digawangi vokalis perempuan menggambarkan musik, lirik dan nada yang identik dengan perempuan. Sensitif, Manja dan Centil.
Dengan satu semangat yang sama maka kami akan memberikan suatu karya terbaik bagi industri musik.. Materi dan Penampilan yang berkualitas.

quina logo

quina band logo, created by ruud abiyoga

quina abie drum

abie quina : drums

quina wipo bass

wipo quina : bass

quina rian guitar

rian quina : guitar

quina meita vocal

meita quina : vocal


Quina band
Meita vocal, Abie drum, Wipo bass, Rian gitar

Quina adalah band Indonesia ber-genre Pop yang telah terbentuk sejak awal tahun 2009. Band ini sesuai dengan essensi namanya, yang berasal dari kata “Queen” yang berarti “Ratu”, di gawangi oleh seorang perempuan muda bernama Meita sebagai vocal . Diatas panggung sang ratu tentunya tidak seorang diri. Meita akan selalu di temani oleh tiga orang pemuda yang bernama Ryan (Guitarist), Wipo (Bassist) dan Abie (Drummer).

Sejak awal berdirinya, Quina berencana dan berkomitmen untuk masuk kedalam industri tahan air dan Go Internasional dengan musik ber­-genre Popnya. Musik Pop mereka dengan musik, lirik dan nada yang identik dengan perempuan sensitive, manja dan centil diharapkan dapat memberikan nuansa yang berbeda.



i want to pimp my room
hehehe to be like the images above



i'm sick of this

i have no idea to write something!
i'm sick of this situation
it happened again!
do i have to stay
in front of my computer for 24 hours,
just to take care of your daughter?
poor me!!! haaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!
i just want to be free!!!
i don't want to have any problems anymore!
the distance is killing me!
so please
don't try to kill me with your point of view.
thanks a lot!



i have a dream to make my greatest travel story

Ive been listening to many stories
“the greatest traveler from around the world”
Its inspired me
it will be so nice
if we go to some place
that we wanted so much

the desire, the dreams, the adventures
it made me want to have my own travel story

i want to go to Germany
with all the spirit i have

i just want to tell the world
that i have my own story! my love story!

but how?
how can i do that?
do i have a time?
am i ready to leave my activities?

maybe my heart is just for you!
but as a normal person
i have so many things that i can't leave,
just to reach you there!

why do we live in a world,
that have so many boundaries around us?

if i can't make my own story!
do you still believe in me?
that deep inside,
i have a dream to come to your place,
with my own way, with my craziest way.
just to make my greatest travel story
a story that i want to share with the world
the story of our love
our everlasting love



it's perfect

Hitler & Eva
it's just great!

Ruud and Elva
it's very perfect!


shit happens

i want to go to campus!
i want to study!
i want to have some activity
i can't wait any longer!

i'm so bored
i'm tired to be like this!
i want to do so much activity!
maybe it's not to late for today
i can do something
like clean up my room
ironing my clothes

come on!!!
turn off this computer!!!

i still sit in front of my computer!!!

shit shit shit!
i hate to be like this!!!




crazy crazy crazy of you
crazy crazy crazy
crazy to think about you

crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy
im so crazy about you
you make me so crazy crazy
you drive me crazy
crazy crazy
i go crazy
when you are gone
crazy crazy im going crazy

don't you worry 'bout a thing

since the first day that i was installing
the internet connection at my home
usually i spend my night
to have a chat with elva in yahoo messenger

when i have a chat with her
sometimes i feel so happy and
sometimes i fell so angry

but it is so wonderful to me.
but now, i miss the time
when we have a chat in yahoo messenger
although we just have a chat
this morning
before i went to sleep

i know that now she is at school
but i am afraid of her feeling
did i make a mistake to her?
i don't know
if she feel jealous to me
or scared that i will leave her soon
oh im so sorry

i just feel the same with her
when she wrote "his" name
or something likes that!
i feel that i scared if i loss her
i feel jealous too!
hmmm if she read this
i just want her to know
that nothing gonna replace her in my heart
and i will not leave her!

just like i said
i will accompany her
at least until she strong enough
to standing alone there
or she ask for me to leave her.
don't you worry about a thing!
im here for you.



i don't like

i don't like when you say his name!
i don't like when you tag him your photos!
i don't like when he tag you some photos!
i don't like when you take a picture with him!
i don't like when his face be right next to your face!
i don't like when he called you!
i don't like him!
i don't know who he is!
i just don't like him!
but there's nothing that i can do!
im not yours anymore


your mom

i know your mom want the best for us
she thought if we are apart
i will leave and forget you and your family
why do your mom never listen to me
i have been talk to your mom twice
i had told her that we are so fine!
nothing change except our status.
do you mind if you tell your mom
that our relation is so great for now
and make sure, that your mom know about it.
maybe she will listen to you.


how to cook rats?

prepare the rats

burn it to clean the fur

slice it into pieces

give it some spice

cook it

ready to eat

(taken from kaskus.us)


some people said to me

"someday you will get a new girlfriend
better than her!"

"in just a couple of month
you will forget her!"

huh! i hate to hear that!

for now
all that i want is you
there is nothing gonna replace you in my heart!

i feel like im falling in love to you again
but huffhhhh,
i still have to wait for her
or i come to her!

let God show his way for us!
i know he has a good plan for us!

i still love you
and i miss you so

i have nothing to write!
this feeling just so complicated!



when it's over

When it's over
That's the time I fall in love again
And when it's over
That's the time you're in my heart again
And when you go go go go
I know
And it never ends
It never ends

All the things that I used to say
All the words that got in the way
All the things that I used to know
Have gone out the window
All the things that she used to bring
All the songs that she used to sing
All the favorite TV shows
Have gone out the window

I'm missing you
I never knew how much she'd loved me
I'm missing you
I never knew how much you meant to me
I need you and when you go go go go
I know
It never ends
Never ends

I'm wishing you
You never said you were pretending
I'm wishing you
You feel the same and just come back to me
I need you and when you go go go go
I know
It never ends
It never ends

When it's over

Can I still come over
And when it's over
Is it really over
When it's over
That's the time I fall in love again

sugar ray | when it's over


church on sunday

oh my god
today is Sunday
but i have no money today.

how can i go to the church without any money?

but thanks god.

you give me an answer
pass through my friend on twitter

"Since when we have to pay to enter the church?"

nice and simple

okay god, im coming to your house.

see you there.



the promise

i fell so much better
since the day that we broke up.

it doesn't mean when we were together you always pushed me down
(it happened sometimes, but not always, hahaa)

i just feel i have no pressure anymore

the distance between us
just really set me up
to the best complicated relationship story of my life

i think broke up is the very best way for us!
and i hope you understand
for the decision that we have agreed.

someday when we meet again
lets talk about our relationship further
that's what we promised

im so glad to know that you love me
im so glad to know that you give me an opportunities

and i will be so glad
if someday we could fulfill our promised



i miss you

i miss it!

i miss that chance!

it is just a second!

even that is just a second!

i still miss it!



i miss you!

but i miss that chance!

i miss to have a chat with you!

i miss to see your face on the web cam!

but i miss that chance!


i miss you



"hey, i want to tell you something"

"well, what happened to you?"Rata Tengah"im so confused right now
i don't know what has happened to me,
i don't know what i have to do
i was broke up with her
shes not mine anymore, hufhhh
but no!!! hmmmmm, shes mine!
ohhh its kind of hard to tell you
about my relationship situation.
actually we were broke up
but we committed
to stay together like usually
to keep contact like we used to be.
hahhh, i don't know for sure!
i really don't understand it!
haaahhh let it be
we will see how it goes."

"do you know what is your main problem?"


"you didn't make any decision!
sorry, i mean both of you.
that's why you are so confused!
if you want to end it, just end it!
but if you don't, go on!"

"i cant! we still need each other!
we want to stay as a couple!
but its so hard for us!
this situation kill us!
we try the best for our relationship
and maybe this is the best way for us"

"let me explain to you.
you are in the gray area
you are not black nor white.
and therefore, you are so confused"

"hufhhhh, you are right"

"so, make your final decision!
leave her, or stay with her!"

"hufhhhh, i will think for it!
thanks for your advice"

"okay, no problemo"



sigh & thanks

what is the different
if we have a relationship status or not?

we still in the different country
we still don't see each other
we still don't meet each other

but why i feel so empty right now?
how do you fell?
do you feel the same?

how long i could walk like this

i feel so lonely
not like usual

i feel there is something wrong with me.

but if, this is the best way for us, i will swallow it.

maybe we can respect each other more.

if you need something
or you just need a friend to hear for your story and your problems
don't be afraid, just contact me

maybe im not always be there for you
but i promise, if you ask for it
i will give my best to give you a hand.

i just realize
how much i love you
when we separate

you are the best for me
you make me learn how to be patient

someday we will meet again
eat cat rice together
smokes la light menthol even my cigarettes is gudang garam filter
buy a new puppy for you
take and pick you up at uki cawang
lay down on afternoon at kandang babi eating ditos ice cream
church on Sunday at keluarga kudus
call you at the midnight
and so many things that we usually do when we used to be togheter
it would be so nice.

but now.
it seems to be the hardest part of our relationship

i still love you.

please don't change yourself
even you are not mine anymore

thanks for your love.
11 months together
maybe its not enough for me
but im so happy
that you want to wait for me

and remember
you always be a part of me

p.s. i love you



i love you full hahahahaaaa (alm. mbah surip)

it's not hard to love someone

we just give our whole heart
to someone who we love

but it will become so hard

when we love someone
not with the whole heart


my little yellow drums

dear my little yellow drums

we have been trough all these situation together
day by day we spent together
every time i have a show
you always accompany me

you give me more than comfortable
you have a great sound
you have a good tone
you have a nice pitch

and after so many years
i want to make you better
with a new exciting color

i hope you bring me more power
power to kick you harder
power to hit you louder

i want to see you with a new style
i want to play with you with a new atmosphere

dear my little yellow drums, i cant wait any longer
to make you younger anymore

now, all we need is just a little patient
i try to make some money to fix you
just wait for a while
and we gonna shock this world!



success in your hand, not your hand lines

every people in this world have a different hand lines
some people says that our life can be read from our hand lines
our hand lines decide our destiny

my friend who can read the hand lines
told me
that i was not a lucky guy

for a while i just fall silent
i was disappointed with the result of my hand lines
wow, i'm not a lucky guy! i will not success!

but i disagree with that!
we decide our destiny! not the hand lines!

hand lines is just a lines in your hand
that was formed by how we hold something in a very long time

"your success depends on many things, but mostly on you."

yeah, mostly on you (me)

if i'm not lucky enough
i will do my best in my everything
i believe
in the name of god
all the thing that we do
will not be useless

and luck is a very small part of our success



tomorrow its so beautiful

who knows about tomorrow?

do you?

if you don't
let me tell you

tomorrow its so beautiful

you cant go back to the past!
and correct your mistake

but all you can do is
make a new start from today

and you will find
tomorrow its so beautiful


i will take the chance

i know it is hard
but how hard is it?
do we suffered?
do we injuries our body?

no at all!
the joy that you gave to me
will be last forever!

why do we still together?
i don't know for sure

but for me
i know that someday you will be back
to the place that you belong

no matter how long
i will take the chance
to stay with you