Rebel with a waltz

This is a story about a couple who loves to dance in the middle of chaos, anger, and demonstration. They are Rana and Arki.
But they can't dance easily. All peoples hate them just because they think Rana and Arki are different.

Cast :
Kirana Larasati as Rana
Reza Effendi as Arki
R.r. Pinurti as Radio Announcer

Crew :
Producer - Stefanus Gracious
Director - Fazrie Permana
Script Writer - Fazrie Permana
Art Director - Yudhistira Purwanto
Director of Photography - Rivan Hanggarai
VFX Compositor - Oki Pienandoro
Sound Recordist - Defri Petz-petz
Music Director - Ruud Abiyoga
Editor - Gracious Permana
Sound Designer - Gracious Permana
Soundtrack - Komidi Putar by Bonita and The Hus Band



Save Water

Okay, let me start from the bad things, honestly this video is a project for eyeka "bmw" video contest, but unfortunately i didn't submit this video, because i wasn't notice for the last entry date. i was really upset, anywise i've been working so hard in this video project, because so many things that i have to combined. The good things are i love this video so much, it's simple, fast and fun for me. Proudly i dedicate "save water" for all of you who stop by in my vimeo and watch my video. Enjoy the video!