i gave my trust in god, to hold you

hey ruud, do you have a girlfriend?
my answer is "yes i have"
where is she?
my answer is "she is in Germany"
how can you get there?
my answer is "i don't know"
how can you go through the sea?
my answer is "i will swim"
how can you go through the sky?
my answer is "i will fly"
how can you go through the land?
my answer is "i will walk"
will you fly, swim and walk through it all?
my answer is "no"
why not?
my answer is "i cant do that, its impossible"

if you know those are impossible, so why do you keep your relationship linger?

my answer is

"maybe its impossible for me, but not for God,
let god swim for me through the sea

let god fly for me through the sky
let god walk for me through the land

just to take care, and ensure that i'm loving her still"



Quina on the record

well, its January 11th

tonight my band, Quina, will have a recording session

wow, i hope this will be a great chance for us

a very good step for early 2010!

i cant wait for tonight!

it must be great!